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Hey Guys! 

My name is Megan Fetters; or otherwise known as Fetters Photography!

I have a great ambition to capture my life along with the life and love of others around me. I graduated from Montana State University Billings with a degree in Art Education. Little did I know art would fulfill my heart in many ways I would never imagine. A true love for photography has always been there but ignited through the human and nature role revolved around beauty. As adventurous as I am, I am also very grounded to the idea of teaching what I love. I am currently a middle school art teacher at the best school there is.. Lewis & Clark Scouts. A love for art expands every direction in my book as I hope to put forth my passion onto others as my art teachers and mentors have done for me.


I grew up in Conrad, Montana: a prairie on the front of the Rocky Mountains. A blessing growing up, I was fortunate enough to witness incredible views outside my back door and became overwhelmed with Montana's beauty. By growing up in Conrad I was also incredibly blessed to have such adventurous parents that drove my passion deeper into art, outdoors and sports.  As snowmobiling, hiking, camping, skiing were all familiar it wasn't normal to have a weekend on the couch.


As I started looking into a passion, traveling became a major dream in the making. New places, fresh tracks, and cold air are always on my mind and drive most of my weekends. Whether it be Paradise Valley, the Rocky Mountains, West coast, the Badlands or traveling across Sea's my mind is always in the wild. Rock collecting is also a nerdy love for me growing up and my mom can attest to all the rocks she washed due to overfilled pockets on recess. so- if you find some cool rocks- you know who will obsess over them. 

While photography is always a learning curve, it has taught me to be a creative storyteller through thick and thin. While wearing the wrong shoes, baring negative 20-degree weather, no sleep or being a typical tourist its memories have soared through my photos time and time again. If you looking for adventures I'm always ready to go. 

As you get to know my backstory just know my photography lives through adventure. So lets go climb Granite peak for you engagement photos, drive to Banff and canoe across Moraine Lake or stand on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher overlooking an endless sea. You can find my Colorful, creative and always on the move mind in your next photoshoot. Lets see what you have in mind. 

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megan_fetters@yahoo.com       Tel: 406-289-0636

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