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Eloping on Big Mountain + Whitefish, Montana

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

HEY!! It's 'kind' of the off season for me and that means I can finally blog some of my epic memories and adventures of 2021! We are kicking it off by reliving the elopement of Bobby and Mylie.

Bobby and Mylie’s Elopement, an intimate Western Montana desire to share a joyous day focused solely on each other, the love of their lives. What better place to enjoy a wondrous day than surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Western Montana. Before meeting Bobby and Mylie we facetimed quite a few times to figure out the timeline, where to stay and how they were going to make their day an adventure filled with mountains and saying "I do".

It was becoming quite cold as Montana fall season usually does, which can make it quite a tough choice when making plans as the weather can change at the tip of a hat. Our adventure started out in the brisk early morning with picking up Bobby & Mylie from their romantic stay at a local bread and breakfast in a small town named Hungry Horse. We were headed to Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park to start our elopement day to highlight Bobby and Mylies story. It was a gorgous sunrise as we prepared to take our first pictures. The air was brisk, the frosty rocks littered the shore and a thick fog rolled down the tall mountains as they stretched across the bright blue water as the sun began to rise.

While Bobby and Mylie walked over to the dock surrounded by fall foliage, they saw an older couple carrying a beautiful oak canoe with a bright blue frame to the waters. Noticing our group, they graciously volunteered their canoe to use in our pictures and with trepidation the pair agreed that it would be a great idea. This turned out to be a fateful encounter as we had tried to see about renting a canoe at Apgar Village for the session but failed as the renting station was closed.

As Bobby stepped in, he offered his hand Mylie who followed with tentative steps into the wobbly canoe. It was a scene right out of a fairy tale as the pair rowed out across the water with Mylie in her floral yellow dress and Bobby in his custom blue tuxedo.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the kind elderly couple who shared their story with us. They had been going on an adventure themselves, traveling across the country in an attempt to see places they had always wanted to visit. Their reasons for taking the trip was a melancholic one as we learned that the wife of the couple had just been diagnosed with cancer and were trying to make the best of their time since they had heard the news.

After our sunrise session we needed to thaw out so we headed back into town for some errands before our next stop. We met back at Bobby and Mylie’s bread and breakfast where the pair posed for some ready shots. The scenery here was just as pretty with a tiny house perched right next to Hungry Horse Lake.

Our next stop on our romantic adventure was atop Big Mountain in Whitefish to get them MARRIED! With bouquet and gondola tickets in hand, we started our ascent. Sitting in our seats as the gondola slowly rose, we enjoyed the spectacular scenery of towering trees midst grand mountains and took in the marvel of mother nature.

Once at the top of Big Mountain we scoped out a spot for our ceremony. It was absolutly stunning out. The forest floor was blooming with oranges, reds and yellows while the bright blue mountains completly surrounded us. I took to helping Mylie into her dress, a beautiful formfitting wrapped, strapless wedding dress. FOR REAL...WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.... As many weddings I have been apart of, I’ve become quite a pro at helping with lacing or buttoning up these wild wedding dresses!

As Mylie walked down the path bear-foot, she stood there as radiant as could be, vows in hand. Bobby who had been looking the other way waiting for that first look turned around and instantly became stunned in awe. Recovering from his stupor by how drop dead gorgous Mylie was, he rushed towards her and swept Mylie up into his arms as tears ran down his cold cheeks.

As the ceremony began Bobby and Mylie read their vows in front of Andrew, our officiant and their witness.... ME! It was such an intimate and romantic ceremony that both Andrew and I had tears streaming down our overly happy cheeks. We were surrounded with love, luscious pine trees and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis. After the cermony we played around amongst the pine trees and went in and shared a cerebratory tequila shot with Bobby and Mylie as the tables around us hollared and shouted Congrats!

Our last stop was to enjoy dinner, watching the sunset in Glacier National Park. Our Charcuterie board was made by the amazing Dana @GrazeMT and was exquisite! We viewed the sunset around Big Bend and The Hi-Line Trail in Glacier National Park. Along with stunning people and stunning views this elopement was one for the books.

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